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Citylink Łódź Olechów- The logistic center of Poland

The warehouse market in Central Poland is one of the most rapidly developing warehouse markets in Poland. Over the past five years, warehouse space in this part of the country has increased by as much as 176% and Polish Łódź located within the logistics center itself is the third largest warehouse market in Poland.

What influences investors and tenants who decide to develop their businesses in Łódź?

First of all, extensive road infrastructure. The Łódź warehouse market is located at the intersection of the main motorways: A1 and A2 and the S8 expressway. Such a location allows for quick distribution of goods in every direction.

An additional advantage is the opening in 2013 of a cargo connection between Łódź and the Chinese city of Chengdu.

Why is Citylink investing in warehouse space in Łódź?

Investigating and researching the development possibilities of individual markets, Citylink decided to expand into the markets of Central Poland and build a municipal warehouse park with office and exhibition space in Łódź. This is the second, after Citylink Wrocław Stadion, investment by CL Property. The plot for development is located at Zakładowa Street, next to the A1 motorway. This location is most often chosen by national and international distribution centers, not only logistic but also retail chains.

The warehouse space offered by Citylink Łódź Olechów is over 23,000 m2, although the company offers the possibility of expansion by another 6,000 m2. m².

Łódź with access to the airport, excellent location in the center of Poland, and access to a properly prepared workforce has the opportunity to remain at the forefront of the best warehouse regions in Poland.


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