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Why are we building Small Business Units warehouses?

SBU (Small Business Units) investments are becoming more and more popular among tenants who
are particularly interested in prestigious, although small, office and warehouse spaces. Citylink's
flexible approach to rental, a much higher standard of finishing detail to the office space but above
all, the arrangements that are tailored to the individual needs of the tenant, meet the demands of
the modern entrepreneurs. The customer not only has an impact on the size of the rented space but
also on the layout of the rooms and their finishing touches.

What are Small Business Unit warehouses?

Small Business Unit or SBU warehouses are small-large warehouses, which, unlike typical "BIG-BOX"
warehouses, are characterized by their excellent location within the administrative boundaries of
large cities. Convenient connections with important transport routes and public transport points
allow for faster distribution of goods. Citylink only invests in such properties whose location meets all
the requirements so that the last mile logistics is as short and fast as possible. This location is also
important when taking on board employees for whom getting to the workplace is then much more

SBU investments are characterized by their comprehensiveness, because in one place the tenant can
count on full amenities, modern warehouse or production space, carefully finished office space as
well as parking spaces and social rooms.

Who are the Small Business Unit warehouses designed for?

Citylink offers its tenants small, modern warehouse and office space Small Business Unit, which are
ideal for companies that need a smaller but superbly finished and intergrated business object. Due to
functional technical solutions, SBU facilities are easily adapted to tenants from various industries:
service, commercial, distribution, warehouse and production. Thanks to the high standard, they can
also be used as exhibition halls.

The low rental costs, location and high standard mean that the demand for SBU warehouses has
been increasing yearly and according to analysts this trend will continue in the upcoming years.


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