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Citylink is beginning the construction of Small Business Units (SBU) warehouses in the capital of Lower Silesia. Wrocław will gain modern warehouses and office spaces

In the northwestern part of Wroclaw, right next to the Wroclaw stadium, only 300 meters from the A8 motorway and a few kilometres from the Wroclaw airport, CL Property Sp. z o.o. is embarking on the construction of Citylink Wroclaw Stadion, i.e. modern SBU warehouses with representative offices.

“Wroclaw is an agglomeration with huge potential. The location of the warehouses at Szczecińska Street guarantees tenants comfortable access not only to the main road thoroughfares, but also to several tram and bus lines as well as to the railway station. The plot we are implementing into development has ideal parameters for our tenants. It is located not only close to the A8 motorway but is also well connected with the A4 motorway and the airport, which will allow for very fast distribution of goods under Last Mile Logistics. When choosing the area, public transport was also very essential to us, so that employees of our tenants could comfortably get to the workplace. – says Michał Starybrat, Citylink Development Director.

The facility in Wroclaw consists of two parts: a three-story office building with a high standard of finishing and a one-story warehouse hall with social-office rooms and representative office buildings adjacent to the hall.

“The production and storage hall itself is built in reinforced concrete technology with a steel truss and a traditional reinforced concrete structure, with masonry walls in the case of an office building and separate office buildings at the hall. When it comes to heating, we give customers a choice: high performance infrared gas heaters or gas heaters. The warehouses will also be equipped with mobile reloading platforms and zero-level gates to service vans.” – says Robert Pykacz, Citylink’s technical director.

The warehouse, office and exhibition building will be commissioned in the third quarter of 2020. Currently, demolition works have been completed on the site and it is being prepared for the commencement of earthworks.

Citylink Wrocław Stadion budynek 1






„In September 2019, we received the building permission. We immediately started preparing the area for development. The works are  progressing as planned in order to hand over warehouses and offices to tenants in September 2020. At the moment, changes are still possible in individual projects, leading to individualized surfaces. The customer is the most important for us, that’s why we listen to his needs and adjust every surface to his needs. We want the tenant to have an impact not only on the size of the leased space, but also on the interior design and the number of amenities he will need.” – says Michał Starybrat Citylink, Development Director.

Citylink will commission a building with an area of over 10,000 m². Tenants can take advantage of office spaces flexibly tailored to the client’s needs, from 1 m² to even almost 2,000 m², and warehouse and exhibition space from 499 m².


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