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Citylink is spreading its wings and has obtained a building permit for warehouses in Łódź

Citylink Łódź Olechów is a new, hybrid investment of CL Property that combines the concept of Small Business Units with the concept of large-area warehouses.

Within the administrative boundaries of the city of Łódź, over 23,000 m2 of warehouse and office space is going to be built, only 1,500 m from the A1 motorway exit and 713 provincial road, providing the fastest possible connection with the most important national road arteries and the center of Łódź.

The location of warehouses in central Poland means speed and convenience in the last mile logistics that Citylink wants to offer tenants.

– The main advantage of the plot, which we are giving up for development, is its perfect location. We are surrounded by city streets and intersections, which gives perfect exposure, but also an intimate character that is lacking in large logistics parks. When renting 10, 15 or 20,000 m2 in Citylink Łódź, you can feel that you are on your own plot in BTS, perfectly suited to your needs. In addition, access to the very center of Łódź takes several minutes, the A1 motorway is only two blocks from the facility. We have also not forgotten about our tenants’ employees, as we have access to public transport (buses, trams) and the Łódź-Olechów railway station near the plot. All this makes it a perfect location for a wide range of both Łódź companies and those located in central Poland – says Michał Starybrat – Citylink Development Director.

CL Property will build Citylink Łódź Olechów facility for BREEAM certification.

– We care for the natural environment and we want to build in accordance with the standards that will allow us to protect it. Therefore, the Citylink Łódź building is BREEAM certified. Receiving the certificate is bound to conditions, among others, by notification at the time of designing, because the construction of the facility is assessed at every stage. The evaluation and the points obtained depend on many factors, such as: environmental impact, durability, carbon dioxide emissions, but also on the location. The best-rated locations are those with good transport connections, near the main road arteries. When building warehouse facilities, it is not easy to meet this criterion, but our warehouses are built very close to the center, so we count on the best possible evaluation – says Michał Starybrat, Citylink Development Director.

CITYLINK Łódź Olechów offers its tenants flexible warehouse and office space in the Small Business Units formula, starting from approx. 600 m2. The entire building area is 23,145 m2 with the possibility of extension to almost 30,000 m2.

-The production and warehouse hall will be built in reinforced concrete technology, flexibly designed for high storage, light production or services. The storage height is 10 m, and the height in the service area is 4.75 m. Each service unit will always be equipped with at least one reloading dock and a lifting gate. In terms of heating, we offer economical gas heating with gas radiators, with the possibility of conversion to gas heaters. Economical in operation, highly efficient LED lighting fixtures in light lines with an illuminance in the hall of min. 200 lux, with the possibility of increasing to 400 lux, car parks for passenger cars in the immediate vicinity of the rented space, electric car charging stations in the park and individual finishing of offices with high-quality materials are the amenities that we offer to our tenants – says Robert Pykacz – Citylink Technical Director .


The warehouse, office and exhibition building is scheduled to be put into use in the fourth quarter of 2021. It has just received a building permit, and talks with tenants are underway to adjust the project directly to customer requirements.

-In Łódź , we have an amazing number of possibilities to adjust the modules to the tenant. The warehouse space is over 23,000 m2 and we can extend it to almost 30,000 m2. Individualizing the project for the tenant is our main advantage. By listening to the needs of our clients, we can create an ideal place in Łódź for larger companies that have a need for large warehouse space, but we are also able to divide modules so that smaller tenants can find their place with us. We want our clients to have an impact not only on the size of the rented space, but also on the interior design and the number of amenities they will need – says Michał Gonicki – Leasing & Land Acquisition Specialist at Citylink.


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