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The capital of Lower Silesia in TOP 5 warehouse markets in Poland

The capital of Lower Silesia in TOP 5 warehouse markets in Poland

Over the last 10 years, the warehouse market in Wrocław has increased its resources by 240%. In the first half of 2020, developers completed 60% more warehouse space than in the same period in 2019. In total, over 200,000 square meters have been allocated for rent or sale.

The warehouse real estate market in Wrocław has been at the forefront of the warehouse market for many years and is in the fourth position.

The interest is growing and everything indicates that this market will continue developing equally dynamically in the coming years.

Why do tenants choose Wrocław?

A very well-developed network of roads, excellent communication with other parts of Poland and with the countries of Western Europe, and a large economic and demographic potential are the main advantages of the Wrocław market.

The proximity of the border with Germany and the Czech Republic, two motorways A4 and A8 and expressways S3, S5 and S8 provide the possibility of development not only within Poland, but also on European markets.

There is also no shortage of highly qualified staff in Wrocław. Every year, numerous universities provide over 30,000 graduates to the labor market, of which over 6,000 are business and administration students, and over 3,000 are engineering graduates.

Citylink Wrocław Stadion – SBU warehouses in the center of Wrocław

Citylink Wroclaw wizualizacja widok na wjazd od ul. SzczecinskiejMore and more warehouse space is being built outside Wrocław. In order to be competitive in the warehouse real estate market, Citylink is looking for investment sites. In Wrocław, the decision was made to invest in the center, not on the outskirts.

What are the advantages of the Citylink investment in Wrocław?

First of all, providing our tenants with the most ideal possible conditions for development and accessibility for the final customer. We are committed to making it possible  for suppliers, customers and employees to reach the company quickly and cheaply, thus reducing the costs of distribution and employment, which we wrote about in the post WHY IS IT WORTH RENTING A WARE HOUSE IN THE CITY CENTER?

The main group of tenants in Wrocław are logistics operators, retail chains, the e-commerce sector as well as producers and distributors of RTV and household appliances. We mainly address our offer to them, because we know how important the delivery time as well as fast and cheap last mile logistics are.

Citylink Wrocław Stadion warehouses are being built at Szczecińska Street, next to the Municipal Stadium, providing a direct connection to the center, airport and public transport. Right next to the building there is an exit from the AOW A8 motorway, which connects to the A4 motorway. Modern design and, above all, a very flexible approach to the requirements of our clients allow us to adjust the rooms to their requirements and expectations.

At the moment, we are introducing changes to the design for our tenants, so this is the perfect moment to contact us for an offer and have an influence on the facility under construction.


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