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Why is it worth renting a warehouse in the city center?

E-commerce markets are developing at a rapid pace. Currently, time is one of the most important competitive elements when choosing a given product. Therefore, every entrepreneur wants his products to reach the final buyer as soon as possible. The customer wants to have everything delivered just as soon, preferably the same day right after placing the order.

The most expensive stage in the logistics process is the last mile logistics (we wrote about it in the Last Mile Logistics Warehouses), more specifically, the path that the goods must travel from the warehouse to the direct recipient. Companies want their product to be competitive not only because of the price and its technical parameters, but also for the time it will reach the customer. When looking for solutions, the best investment is where the warehouse space is located in close proximity to the center of large cities. Citylink warehouses are primarily a perfect location, right next to the main communication junctions, public transport stops and airports.


How to save on warehouse rental?

When renting warehouse space, we mainly analyze fixed costs such as rental fees, utilities, etc., but we no longer pay attention to additional costs that arise when renting out-of-town warehouses. On the other hand, the location of the warehouse within the administrative boundaries of an urban agglomeration brings with it large savings for the landlord, which allow for a significant reduction in the cost of the entire lease throughout the year.


What do we save on renting Citylink warehouses?

We save on the last mile logistics process:

  • Delivery trucks do not stand in traffic jams and the goods are delivered to the warehouse on time, thanks to which our customers’ products become more competitive on the market and the recipient can be sure that their order will reach them on time.
  • Delivery of goods to the final buyer is quick, efficient and, above all, cheap. It is mainly influenced by the distance between Citylink’s warehouse spaces and the city center, where the goods are ultimately delivered.
  • Due to the location of Citylink’s municipal warehouses at exits from motorways and city bypass roads, large vans are not subject to traffic restrictions. It also affects the quick transfer of goods, lower delivery costs by reducing the driver’s working time, and no additional logistics fees.

We and our employees save money on commuting to the company

Direct access to public transport is another great saving for the Lessor and his employees.

  • Employees looking for a job will decide to apply for a vacant position more easily knowing that they will get to the place of work quickly and cheaply. The number of P + R car parks is growing rapidly, thanks to which employees commuting even from outside the city center can leave the car in the parking lot and go to work by public transport.
  • In the case of many warehouses, they are located on the outskirts of cities, which makes it necessary to provide employees with special buses from the center that will take them to their workplace. This is, of course, associated with additional costs that do not have to be incurred when renting the Citylink Wrocław Stadion or Citylink Łódź Olechów warehouses.

We save the time of our clients, contractors and the company’s management

The location of Citylink city warehouses close to airports guarantees quick transport not only within the borders of Poland, but also Europe. This applies to both passenger and cargo traffic. Making key decisions becomes faster and easier, and getting to the airport from our locations takes several minutes.


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