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Last mile logistics warehouses

The dynamic development of the e-commerce market has led to a huge increase in parcels delivered every day to the final consumer. Companies have started to look for new technologies that will provide them with faster and cheaper deliveries to the recipient with the goods, as a result building customer loyalty. According to research, more than half of customers demand delivery of the goods the next day after ordering.

Small warehouse spaces for the e-commerce industry

The response to the dynamic growth of the e-commerce sector is the increased demand for small logistics and warehouse space tailored to the industry’s specifications. The growing expectations of consumers influence the development of the Last Mile Logistic sector and contribute to the development of the market of small SBU warehouse modules cooperating with central warehouses.

Last Mile Logistics or “last mile” logistics is the final “product path” from the warehouse to the customer and is not only the most expensive but also the slowest part of the logistics process. In order to be competitive on the market, companies from the SME sector are forced to look for opportunities to reach their customers quickly and cheaply.
To meet these problems, Citylink has implemented state-of-the-art technological solutions in the construction of SBU’s warehouses in Łódź and Wrocław, so that manufacturers of many industries find not only warehouses but also offices and exhibition space.

Last Mile Logistics available for smaller production companies

Thanks to the construction by Citylink of small warehouses such as Small Business Units, located within the administrative boundaries of two large cities, Last Mile Logistic becomes available to smaller production companies that do not have a need for large warehouses, but want to reach the recipient with the ordered goods and affect his level of satisfaction, because as it turns out, it is the “last mile” stage that matters most to the customer.


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